Gravois Arm Sewer District

Gravois Mills, Missouri


Gravois Arm Sewer District

Approved for formation by popular vote in August 2002.

$30 Million bond issue approved in August 2003.

First project was a pump station and line work from Millstone and
Blue Anchor Condos to the City of Laurie.

Financing for this work provided by Central Bank- Laurie

Cooperative agreement reached with City of Laurie for wastewater treatment

Developers paid over $300,000 of the initial cost of the project and turned it over to the district.

First public financed project was for the Town of Gravois Mills and was completed in March, 2007.

$1.6 Million from U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA/RD)

$500,000 from CDBG

$230,000 from Missouri Dept. of Natural Resoures (MODNR)

GASD had approximately 175 customers at the completion of Phase I.

GASD will eventually serve over 3,500 customers

GASD has finished Phase II constuction. Phase II consists of a regional wastewater treatment plant, (WWTP) and line work that ties most of the district into the WWTP. Phase II additionally serves an additional 53 customers. The cost of Phase II was in excess of $4.2 million and included a grant of $1 million from MODNR.

Phase III began in 2011 and was completed in 2013. Phase III added between 600 and 700 additional customers to the system. Areas covered by Phase III include: Pistol Point, Tony’s Point, Millstone Estates, Dunwanderin, Triangle Cove, Morning Sun, Eastwood Rd, Towering Oaks Rd. to Cedar Point, Sheldon Point, Old Hickory, Lake Rd. 5-18, Coconuts Restaurant, Serenity Cove, and a pressure line from the Gravois Mills WWTP along Hwy 5 to the central WWTP. The total cost of Phase III is $8.2 million which includes a $1 million EPA grant procured by Senator Kit Bond.

Phase IV began in July 2018 and will be completed in early 2019. It will add approximately 160 homes to the system. Areas covered by Phase IV include the rest of the homes along Grey Eagle Road, Wor;ey Road, Golden Oaks, Millers Rest, and a portion of Moffitt Point. The total cost of Phase IV is $2.3 million which includes $672,000 as a grant.

Phase V planning has already begun to take advantage of $2.42 million in State Clean Water funds.

The Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance (LOWA) has initiated a water quality testing program through MODNR. It has identified several coves with elevated levels of bacteria but nothing so far has been conclusive.

LOWA is currently pursuing funding through EPA for pilot projects including no discharge treatment for small concentrations of homes along the water front. GASD has agreed to take part in the pilot programs if f include unding can be achieved.

GASD has active leaders and strong community support from the news media as well as from other local leaders including, Morgan County Commissioners, City of Laurie, and the Lake West Chamber of Commerce.