Gravois Arm Sewer District

Gravois Mills, Missouri

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28982 Harbor Road
Gravois Mills Missouri 65037 USA

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8 AM to 12 PM

Phone numbers:  

Emergency 573-286-3413

Vacant, (Manager)

Jim Bresnahan (Chairman) 573-372-3735

Dave Taylor (Vice-Chairman) 573-286-2066  

Vacant, (Treasurer)

Ron Hodges, (Treasurer) 573-569-8764

John Heather, (Secretary) 913-558-2023

Jeanne Brown (Billing) 573-372-0042 

Shoreline Surveying & Engineering 573-365-2003

Office 573-372-0042

Fax 573-372-1242

Email address

Applying for Service

To apply for service, please click on this document: Application for Service and print it. Fill out the page 1 and mail, fax or hand carry to our office at the above address. Page 2 is for District use. Page 3 is required if the premises has no current GASD sewer connection.

Note: This is a pdf document and requires Adobe Acrobat or equivalent to read it.

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