Gravois Arm Sewer District

Gravois Mills, Missouri

Gravois Arm Sewer District


Emergency 573-286-3413

Chad Bryant, (Plant Operator) 573-502-9830

James P. Bresnahan (Chairman) 573-372-3735

David R. Taylor (Vice-Chairman) 573-286-2066

Bob Bebermeyer, (Treasurer) 573-480-2857

Ron Hodges (Secretary) 573-569-8764

John Heather, (Trustee) 913-558-2023

Jeanne Brown (Billing) 573-372-0042

Shoreline Surveying and Engineering, LLC 573-365-2003

Gravois Arm Sewer District, 28982 Harbour Road, Gravois Mills, Missouri, 65037, USA
28982 Harbour Road
Gravois Mills Missouri 65037 USA

Hours of operation:
8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Monday-Friday

573-372-0042 Phone
573-372-1242 Fax

Email address:
Map and Directions