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Phase 4 will be funded

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on November 5, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (1)

The GASD Board of Trustees signed the last document and now awaits a Letter of Conditions and the funding. Phase 4 will add approximately 150 homes to our existing infrastructure. Subdivisions to be included are: Golden Oaks on Hwy O, Miller's Rest on Hwy O, Existing homes and subdivision Grey Eagle Road fro, Magnolia Road to the end of Grey Eagle. and Kenrow subdivision on Hwy. P. USDA/RD (Rural Development) will loan approximately 1.732 million dollars plus a grant of 681,000 dollars with the district adding 70,000 dollars from its funds.

When the funds are received, the district will place a request for bids in the local legal papers and invite interested companies to bid. Once bids are received and evaluated, construction is expected to start before June 2017 with completion in the fall. Stay tuned for more information.

All 3 contracts of Phase 3 are substantially complete.

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on October 30, 2012 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (3)

All 3 contracts of Phase 3 are substantially complete.  With a project this big, there are bound to be issues that need to be addressed.  Customers are encouraged to contact GASD with issues that need to be addressed.  Problem areas will be assessed and the appropriate action will be taken.  We appreciate the courtesy that customers in the areas have shown to the construction crews.  The crews have all expressed their thanks for the cookies, baked goods, etc.  The GASD Board continues to make sure that all available monies are spent.  Currently, there are 4 associations that have petitioned the board for service.  The Board of Trustees welcomes areas and associations that request service.  The main infrastructure is in the ground and future projects will start to be planned in the near future.  While a small number of problems cannot be solved to the satisfaction of the customer, GASD will continue to serve those people in the sewer district.  Please contact us or attend our meetings which are held the first Monday of every month at the sewer plant.  There is currently a position open on the board.  Interested parties should contact Karen Thornton at 374.4025.  Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD


Phase 3 update, Aug. 7, 2012

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on August 8, 2012 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Progress continues on the Phase 3 project.  Contract 1 is 73% complete and Rosetta Construction is digging toward the Gravois Mills treatment plant.  Bill Ferguson of Rosetta in formed the GASD Board last night that they have 10 grinder stations to dig also.  Contract 2 is 91.2% complete and the crews are in the Melcher road area.  Contract 3 is 82.7% complete.  The drought continues and many trees are stressed due to the extremely dry conditions.  The district has been in touch with the Dept. of Conservation and an Arborist to resolve problems.  Some billing problems have arisen due to different easement numbers being used.  Please bear with us as we continue to work on addresses, Names, and numbers.  If you have billing questions, please address those to Steve Thornton at: 573.374.4025.  As customers come on line, you may be billed for a partial month.  Some customers have requested that they pay by the year.  There is a discount for yearly payment. Please contact the above number for more information.  Remember that grinder pumps do not like grease, oil, paint. or other chemicals.  Stickers have been placed on the control box at each station with telephone numbers to call in case of emergency.  David R. Taylor, Chairman, GASD


May 23rd Update

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on May 24, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Construction continues with Phase 3. Lift stations are being put in on contract 1. Homeowners in the Skyline area are experiencing major construction in that area. Progress on the lift stations determine when customers will be added. Sections of the lines have been pressured tested and some rough cleanup has been done. Crews are busy putting in grinder stations on contracts 2 and 3. Lift stations on these 2 contracts are complete and have been tested. There will be an additional road bore to connect the Tony's Point lift station into the Millstone lift station. As homes are connected and tested, billing for service will begin. Again, final cleanup won't happen until customers are on line and tested.

By necessity, some grinder stations are being hand dug. Please be patience. Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD

April 3, 2012 Update

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on April 3, 2012 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (1)

The weather continues to be favorable for construction of Phase 3. As of April 2, contracts 2 and 3 have laid 54,000 feet of force main and 1600 feet of gravity main. Approximately 25 grinder tanks are in place and electricians are installing control panels and disconnects. Rosetta Construction is nearing 5-18 from the North and is presently preparing the ditch from Coconuts to March Rd. The force main from 5-18 south to the plant is in. We would like to remind homeowners that final grade work around grinders has not begun. Donna Swall, Director of LOWA, presented a program that may be of interest to homeowners at the monthly GASD meeting last night. LOWA has a program of Low Impact Landscaping, (LIL). The program deals with gardens and buffer strips that help control water runoff. There are cost sharing incentives and discounts available that may be of interest. Please check out the LOWA web site at for further information. Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD

Feb. 28th 2012 Update

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on February 28, 2012 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Progress continues. Rozetta construction (contract 1 ) is laying pipe on Cook Rd. and is approaching 5-18. Work continues near Coconuts breaking rock. Ridge Hill Construction has the Tony's Point lift station in and has taken the treatment facility there off line. Crews continue to Bore and put in grinder stations on Tony's Point. The crews on Towering Oaks were working on the Gentle Slopes #2 lift station and getting ready to continue on to Cedar Point. The big lift station on Towering Oaks is in and ready for plumbing. Grinder stations are in and stored at the Ridge Hill yard. I have spoken to Doug Stanage, (Ridge Hill) and he has stressed the need to move quickly on grinder installation. If you have additional information about obstacles in your yards, please contact Kerry Metscher of Schultz and Summers Engineering. (573.286.2172). GASD continues to monitor the progress and looks forward to providing quality sewer service to customers on the Gravois Arm. Thank you for your patience. Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD

Sewer Update Feb 8, 2012

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on February 8, 2012 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The weather today is chilly with a few snow flurries. The rain over the weekend helped settle the new pipe ditches. We, (GASD) are pleased with the rough finish over the laid pipe but want to remind future customers that what they see is not the finished product. Paul Irwin Construction of Laurie is the sub -contractor working on Tony's Point. Paul is digging on the SE side of the point and is up to Monica Bartels property. Ridge Hill Crews are working on Dunwanderin and have dug for the lift station and are laying the collector pipes along Sunset. Sterling Construction is in the Mais Maring area today. They should be ready next Monday to excavate the site for the Towering Oak lift station. A blast crew was necessary to break the rock today. The process to do that is daunting and very regulated. Collector lines have been laid in the following areas off Towering Oak Rd : Old Hickory, Gentle Slope Ln., Sunny Slope, Red Oak, and a portion of KS Rd. The grinder cans are still not here. They are plumbed with the ports, rails, and bases off site. We expected to see them last Mon. but no luck. Two higher horsepower pumps for the Tony's Point lift station are still on back order. A change was necessary to eliminate pumping twice. The sewage from the TP lift station, (no pun intended) will now flow directly into the main line above Blue Anchor Condos. The Millstone Townhomes should be the first on line as that system is a gravity line directly into the TP lift station. Rosetta Construction, (Contract 1) should finish clearing and begin pipe laying soon. The crews are very appreciative of the goodies baked by ladies in the area. Please be careful around the construction area. The guys in the red trucks are the inspectors on the job. If you have any questions or concerns, they are the ones to talk to or any GASD board member. Refer to the web site for phone numbers or email. Thanks, Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD.

Jan. 31 Update

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on January 30, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The weather is cooperating. Crews are working in the Tony's Point area, South side of "O" road from Millstone to Dunwanderin RD., Triangle cove road, Towering Oaks Rd., Gravois Mills, etc. Crews are laying the collector system at the present time. Grinder stations are late arriving but should be arriving soon. Some work has been done on Eastwood Rd. with grinder and service lines. The lift station at Tony's Point has been set but the pumps have not arrived. We have observed that the crews are very courteous and respectful. It's amazing how they appreciate a wave, hello, or plate of cookies, especially in cold weather. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join our web site, for further updates. Dave Taylor, Chairman, GASD



Sewer update Jan. 12th 2012

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It's cold with 1" of snow on the ground. Contractors continue to be working. The collector line is in on Eastwood and Ridge Hill is currently working in Morning Sun. Triangle Cove Rd. area should be next week. The contractors are doing a good job of covering the trench but please be patient for the final dressing and seed and straw. Grinder Tanks will follow the collection system. Tony's Point is scheduled to begin the week of Jan. 16. The lift station at Millstone estates is being dug and will be delivered soon. The lift station on Towering Oak is scheduled to be delivered the week of Jan. 16. There will be large equipment in the area for placement of the lift stations. These stations are approx. 20 feet deep by 10 feet square and each section weighs 25,000 lbs. Please be patient and follow the directions of the road crews. Rosetta Construction has been clearing trees and brush North of the GASD plant and should be at Soap Creek soon. Please encourage your lake neighbors to sign up at our web site for updates.



Gravois Sewer begins construction of Phase III project

Posted by Jim Bresnahan on January 5, 2012 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Gravois Arm Sewer District Operations Manager Ray Metscher announced Monday that contractors would begin the Phase III Sewer Project on Tuesday.

Rosetta Construction began cutting brush Tuesday, Jan. 3, north of Kincaid’s former business in Gravois Mills, to prepare for construction. The same day, district contractors set up a staging yard at the end of Route O and began moving equipment, pipe and constructions trailers for the project.

New Phase III operations manager

GASD’s contracted Engineer Stan Schultz with Schultz and Summers Engineering introduced new operations manager Jim Fischer, who will run lake area operations for SSE.

New Phase III Project inspectors in place

Schultz reported three inspectors are ready as construction begins on the Phase III project. Bill Wheeler has been hired as inspector for Contract No. 1 and Kerry Metscher, along with Chris Davidson, are the Contract No. 2 and No. 3 inspectors. All three inspectors will be present for the duration of the Phase III project.